Featured Pre-Owned Vehicles

Why Choose Porsche Minneapolis?

Ever wanted to own a Porsche, but you were put off by the price tag? There’s always the option of a used or Certified Pre-Owned Porsche. A pre-owned Porsche means you’ll be getting a clean, low-mileage, late-model Porsche that’s in top condition and that has all the panache and performance you’d expect from the marque, but at a significant savings right off the top.

That means a Porsche that’s passed a rigorous inspection before it even makes its way into our inventory, and in the kind of shape a demanding buyer would expect – but at a used-car price. While you’re here, have a look at our online payment calculator and apply for pre-approved financing to get an estimate on your rate and your payments and speed the process along. Whatever you’ve got in mind, we’ve got the reputation as the preferred dealer for new, used and Certified Pre-Owned Porsches in the Minneapolis area. Contact us today and let’s get things going.

Contactless Purchasing

At Porsche Minneapolis, we’re now offering contactless purchasing and sales consultations, on a per-appointment basis. You can take a look at our wide selection of vehicles, decide on one you’d like and make an appointment for expert advice on the new Porsche or used vehicle of your choice. From pre-visit to financing to delivery, we’ve streamlined the process and made sure that it’s going to be safe and comfortable for you, from start to finish.

Let’s walk through the process:


While you’re still browsing online, we’ll be standing by to tailor your experience through the entire process. If you’re not comfortable coming into the store in person, we can send walk-around videos, FaceTime consultations and use other technologies to connect with you.

Test Drives

Once you’ve decided on the vehicle that you’d like, Porsche Minneapolis will contact you to set up a test drive and will collect any information needed via email. When you arrive at the dealership, you’ll find your car(s) of choice cleaned, gassed-up and waiting for you directly in front of our lot. Or, alternatively, we can leave a sanitized car in your garage or your driveway, if that’s a better fit for your comfort level. In addition to full sanitization, every car you test drive will have a fresh temporary steering wheel cover and will include a pair of gloves.

Ordering, Trade Appraisals and F&I

If a new vehicle with a custom set of options is more your preference, a sales team member can work remotely with you and screen-share in real time as you work together to set up the vehicle the way you want it. Porsche Minneapolis can handle almost the entire process online, including any necessary documents that might need to be overnighted, and then wait the appropriate amount of time according to CDC guidelines, ensuring there will be no viral transmission.


On the day you take possession of your vehicle, it will be fueled, sanitized and detailed. Porsche Connect will make sure that any services will be fully activated, before you even come to the dealership. For most local clients, at-home delivery and Facetime are also options. Our sales team can connect with you via Facetime while sitting in an identical car and walking you through any relevant delivery instructions.