End of Lease Process

End of Lease Options at Porsche Minneapolis

Porsche Minneapolis offers several End of Lease options available to you; these options include starting the process to lease a new Porsche through us, purchasing a new customized Porsche through us, or purchasing your current Porsche lease. Each lease end process can be accomplished easily at Porsche Minneapolis, we’ll help you choose which option best benefits you and your lifestyle needs.

What if I decide to return my Porsche?

If you decide to return your Porsche, we’ll inspect it for wear. Our service center will inspect your lease for “normal” or “excess” wear, “excess” wear could incur additional charges. After that process, our Sales Managers will evaluate your leased vehicle and tell you what Porsche will and will not charge you for at lease end. We’ll work with you to help decide what Lease End Process is best for you and look at Porsche’s current rates and incentives. Additionally, if you choose to custom order your next Porsche, Porsche Financial Services will extend your current lease until your new vehicle arrives.

What are my Lease End options?

You have three options at the end of your lease; you can lease a new Porsche, buy a new Porsche or buy your current lease.

Lease a New Porsche

Want the latest Porsche, maybe the same model with latest tech and performance upgrades or maybe you want to try out a different model. Either way if you’re looking to stay in the Porsche family, this option is for you.

What are the benefits of leasing a new Porsche?

    • New warranty coverage.
    • Get the latest technology and performance updates.
    • Option to try a different Porsche model.

Purchase a New Porsche

Found the perfect Porsche for you but want to personalize it? Purchasing a new Porsche after your lease ends may be the best option for you. After you’ve returned your Porsche, we’ll help you browse our new and CPO Porsche inventory to find the Porsche that best fits you.

What are the benefits of purchasing a new Porsche?

      • Personalize your Porsche.
      • No mileage limits.
      • Owning your Porsche also means an option to sell it.
      • No monthly payments after paid off.

Purchase Your Current Porsche

Love your current lease, why not buy it? Our financing team can sit down with you and help make that a reality. We’ll work with you to turn your current lease payments into a monthly financing plan.

How do I purchase my current Porsche?

Leasing payments work by calculating the diminishing value of the Porsche over time, as such we’ll work with you to seamlessly turn your lease payments into a monthly financing plan.

What are the benefits of buying my current Porsche?

      • You know the latest owner.
      • You’re getting a CPO value.
      • Purchase your vehicle, as is, with the remaining factory warranty coverage.

The team at Porsche Minneapolis would like to welcome you to our dealership in Minneapolis, where we’re confident you’ll find the vehicles you’re looking for at a price you can afford. No matter what “Lease End Process” you’ve decided on, our professional finance team will help you get settled with a competitive financing or lease plan.

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